Loan against property is a secured type of lending, also commonly know as a mortgage. Loan against property can be availed for any type of personal use, like marriage, jewellery, medical emergency, home renovation, school/college admission, lifestyle product purchases, overseas vacations, margin money payment of other property, share investment, tax planning as well as debt consolidation, or for business use like working capital needs, office renovation, office/land purchase, business expansion etc.

Loan against property can be availed by Salaried personnel, self employed professionals like Doctors, CA, etc. and by self employed non professionals like Traders, Manufacturers, Service Providers, etc. The amount of loan depends on the current market value of the property. Normally lenders (Financers, Banks, NBFCs) give loans upto 50%-70% of the current property value.

Although we have summed up the features of major lenders (Financers, Banks, NBFCs) bellow, the eligibility/availability/specific policies of the lender companies might vary.